Low-transmission X-RAY drive-through-portals for vehicle screening

Description of Product

The uniSCAN DRIVE THROUGH PORTAL 200S is the most flexible and effective solution for passenger vehicle screening. It scans safely occupied cars and vans, with minimal effect on the traffic flow.
The uniSCAN DTP 200S is a transmission X-RAY vehicle scanning system, which is designed to detect narcotics, explosives, weapons and any other contraband items hidden inside of occupied passenger vehicles or vans.

• Drive-thru technology (occupied vehicle scan)
• Small footprint (small ground surface)
• High throughput (up to 15 km/h vehicle speed)
• High penetration (up to 25 mm steel)
• SHigh quality X-RAY images (2% contrast sensitivity, 0.8 mm copper wire detection)
• Dual energy imaging (automatic material separation)
• Radiation safety (ANSI 43.17-2009 standard)
• OPTIONAL: Automatic License Plate Recognition
• OPTIONAL: Under Vehicle Extreme HD Color Scanner

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