News / Documentation of Training 2017

15 February 2017

News Description :

Free Training Activities Narcon aims to augment human resources that have an understanding appropriate to the usual Project or Work needs, in this case the standardization of understanding refers to the RBI work of BIG. Free Training is a Basic Training for Beginners, The purpose of this free training is to grow a basic understanding of the process of each stage of work. Free Training is supported by the trainers who are experienced in their respective fields. This training activity uses Air photo sample data for A foreman with a scale of 1: 5000.

Free Training is held for 50-60 Working Days, and divided into 3 stages:
1. Stereo 3D compilation
2. Editing
3. Survey

Stages of Stereokompilasi lasted for 20 working days, 20 working days are divided into several parts namely: Preparation and Delivery of Basic Materials / Debriefing, Test Materials for one day, The next process is the 3D Digitization Practice. At this stage Training participants are expected to have an understanding in placing a point or point on Ground / Ground (Not too deep or floating with maximum tolerance of 1m above or below ground) and perform digitization of vectors for all topographical elements.

After the stages of Stereokompilasi completed and produced 3D vectors, the next stage is Editing, in this stage participants are given the material and practice in the process of editing vector, this stage lasted for 20 working days. In this stage, trainees are expected to have a basic understanding of vector editing process up to the presentation of data. Here is the syllabus of the Editing stage.

The next stage and is the last stage in the process of Free Training is a Phase Survey which lasted for 20 working days. In this phase a little more delivery of material and also Practice field Office and also the area around the office.

In this stage the operator is expected to have an understanding in each material and practice provided by the Trainer for the needs in the field. And in this stage, free training participants are also given a description of the problems and conditions that may or often occur in the field when conducting surveys and how to overcome or solution of the constraints or problems are based on pengalamam trainer so that participants have a picture and mental Ready when in the field.

Each stage of Free Training always performs the test of the Material in each stage, this is done to measure the understanding of the Free Training participants and convince the trainer that what is conveyed to the training participants can be understood or not, in addition to the material test for the Practice any assessment is taken from the results Digitization, Editing results and Measurements etc from each stage of Practice. Value of the value will eventually be given to participants free training in the form of a certificate made by NARCON.

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