News / Live Demo Product For Surveillance Services (NIGHTOWL M)

24 may 2017

News Description :

PURPOSE is Provide information on the specifications, to meet our client Requirement and Expectation, Narcon Technical Team with Airbuss DS Optronic Team create Live Demo event on client site with Z:Nightowl M product.

The objective of this activity is the Batam Customs Office and the Customs Office Teluk Nibung radar instrument can see immediately camera Z:Nightowl M, in addition to be able to see how to install and can figure out how to operate.

Camera Z:Night Owl M can be installed properly in the tower Dit.Jen Coastal Radar Station. Customs & Excise Batam, mobilization and setting the radar equipment running well, live demo radar operation witnessed by Kasie Sarpras and Customs Patrol Captain Batam Batam Customs went smoothly. Not found a suitable location for a live demo held camera Nightowl M in Teluk Nibung as follows:
1. The lack of space in the building and the Office of Customs and Excise Service Type Madya C Teluk Nibung.
2. Plan the transfer of live demo site to the building where the Customs confiscated Teluk Nibung not allow spec building and safety.
3. Pier Teluk Nibung can not be used as a live demo for a very high level of vulnerability to the location.

CONCLUSION The installation of the Night Owl M tool set can be executed quickly because of the simple and easy to install or uncomplicated product design. Portable device sets allow Night Owl M to be installed wherever it suits the users needs. Radar Spexer 2000 and Nightowl M cameras are effectively placed atop the tower of Dit.Jen Beach Radar Station. Customs & Excise Batam. The strategic position of the tower facing directly to the border area RI - Singapore is very supportive for border control activities from the possibilities of smuggling of goods.

The combination of Radar Spexer 2000 and Nightowl M cameras is very effective for monitoring port and border activity, a radar that has the ability to detect objects widely supported with Nightowl M camera that can detect objects in day and night with maximal visual enlargement will greatly help the Customs All over Indonesia technically.

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