News / Live Demo Product Spexer 2000 and Night Owl M For Surveillance Services

07 August 2017

News Description :

Purpose and objectives provides information on specifications, installation and operation of radar tools Spexer 2000 and camera Z Night Owl M in the form of live demos and discussions in Batam. A trial run of the combination of Spexer 2000 radar and Z Night Owl M cameras after May and June 2017 has been done live radar and camera demos separately.

Results of activities radar Spexer 2000 can detect objects around the RI-Malaysia border with information obtained by object velocity, object coordinates, object distance with radar position, object azimuth, object track and object orientation direction (approach or away from radar position). Night Owl M cameras can capture visual objects (small boats, ferries, speedboats, container vessels, planes, people and others around the Singapore Strait) day and night clearly with 33x zoom and distance from These objects can be known. Night Owl M camera can mentracking targeted objects despite having high speed (eg speedboat).
Installation of Radar Spexer 2000 and Z-Night Owl M set sets can be done quickly because the product design is simple and easy to install (not complicated). Portable device sets allow Radar Speaker 2000 and Z Night Owl M cameras to be installed anywhere as per user requirements. Radar Spexer 2000 can detect objects on land, sea and air. This is one of the advantages over the limited competitor products detect objects only at sea only.

Another advantage of Radar Spexer 2000 compared to competitors products
•    Low power consumption (0.7 kW),
•    Does not require regular maintenance,
•    Simple product design (antenna and electronic in one unit),
•    Lighter weight that is easily mounted even in BTS towers & does not cause vibration due to mechanical movement,
•    Simple cable circuit (LAN and power cable only),
•    Can detect small objects such as UAVs.

Excess camera Z Night Owl M compared to competitors products
•    Simple product design so easy to install (plug & play),
•    Simple cable circuit (LAN and power cables only),
•    Can work at extreme temperatures (-32C - s / d + 63C),
•    ITAR Free which facilitates the import and export process of defense & military technology tools because there is no limit of US authority,
•    Easy maintenance and any form of spare parts replacement can be done in Indonesia.

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