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17 August 2016

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It could be argued that marketing is as old as the human race itself. It started with a simple exchange of goods - someone had something of value that they were willing to exchange for something else of equal value.

This developed into the marketplaces, with traders calling out their wares, and the rest is history!

So, at its simplest, marketing is still the process of someone creating something that is valued by a group of consumers and exchanged for money. For this system to work successfully, both parties must believe that they have received the right amount of value.

Of course, marketing today is a far more complex process, but it’s not just a discipline carried out only by large businesses. All organisations need to employ some form of marketing, whether they are sole traders or global brand giants.

And there are many different approaches to planning the marketing strategy. Again, this approach is not influenced by the size of the business, nor the type of product/service.

It is influenced heavily by the company’s culture, its attitudes and beliefs about the marketing concept. For some, marketing isn’t planned in a proactive way, rather it reacts to market forces. For others, the planning process is constant, formal and integral to the organisation’s systems.